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Have you thought about your future lately?  

Read about Mentoring Projects our students have developed. Learn why they chose a career project and the adventures they had working with Mentors who are experts in their chosen field.  You might find a career that gets you really excited that you would like to pursue or at least learn more about.  You will find Schools, and Student Project information.  


Rose Tree Media School District

Alex Lamborn - Radio Station DJ - 06/22/2010

When I went to WMGK, it was different than how I thought it would be at a radio station. I didn’t realize that radio stations were set-up on such a time schedule. Actual songs and commercials are all scheduled in a particular time slot. They plan this schedule in advance, but I’m not sure how far in advance this happens. I didn’t really have any set expectations when I went so there weren’t a lot of surprises. There were a lot of things that the DJ had to do so that the show ran smoothly.  

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Stephanie Baidokas - Salon Hair Dressing/Cosmetology - 06/22/2010

I interviewed two people, who are the owners of two different salons, and my friend who is going to school for hair dressing.  I learned that salons do more than just cut people’s hair, such as working with cancer patients who need wigs.

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