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Why a Student Career Coach? 

    Jim Hall has developed a program for students that is a springboard, taking them from an academic discipline to being prepared for their first exposure to college and career realities.    This program provides students with the ‘soft’ skills to critically think through life decisions, plan college internships, network within an industry and gain valuable critiques that will give them an advantage over other first-time job seekers in a competitive market.

    Jim designed similar programs for each of his children.  They are now successfully involved in programs in which they mentored, including medical school, sports management with the World Champion Philadelphia Phillies, and journalism.  These opportunities provided clear focus and avoided the pitfalls of continually changing (because they already knew their goals before they got to college).

What Are The Student Results?

  1. Individualized assessment of student strengths and weaknesses

  2. Independent study proposal designed to provide professional direction

  3. The ability to articulate a career direction and choose a major

  4. Opportunity to refine the college selection, including the personal essay

  5. Scholarship search skills

Why Career Mentoring

  1. Careers are changing at breakneck speed.  Many careers did not exist ten years ago.

  2. Students need to develop the critical thinking skills needed to assess changing trends and to evaluate their own career and college choices.

  3. Students are focused on SAT scores and college applications but don’t know how to assess their own strengths so that they make good career choices that will become the determining factor in choosing a college.

  4. Engaged learning provides a student with the opportunity to take charge of his own learning and to be self-regulated.

  5. Innovative programs and career preparation are desirable criteria for parents who appreciate results that make a difference.

  6. Some students need to overcome their own inertia to become engaged; career mentoring guarantees the opportunity.




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