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How does the program work?

   It is not reasonable to expect that a student can effectively navigate these waters without a coach.  An integral reason for the success of this program is the ‘one-on-one’ attention given to each student.  While skills are taught in a group setting each student has the opportunity to tailor a program based on his own strengths.  Jim teaches a pilot course for each school so that the program can be sustainable in subsequent years.

  1. Each student will undergo a personal assessment of strengths and interests.

  2. A personalized program of independent study will be designed and professionally monitored.  Each student will work with a minimum of three professionals in a directed research project that provides ‘hands-on’ experience.

  3. The student and mentor will follow a carefully designed program that guarantees success.

  4. The student will be expected to meet deliverables at each milestone.

  5. The student will be trained in a group setting in interviewing skills, effective essay and presentation skills.

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